What Surfaces Can I Use These Products on?

Our products work in any surface, but work especially well on hard surfaces. But we strongly recommend against using them on any humans or animals. 

Does CellFresh™ clean the entire surface of my phone?

The UV light utilized in the CellFresh™ Phone Sanitizer box surrounds the entire phone cleaning the entire surface.


How Long Does CellFresh™ Take to Work?

CellFresh™ sanitizes your phone in under 15 minutes. There are 3 settings you can choose: 5 minute sanitization (for items such as jewelry and watches), 10 minutes (for electronic items like mobile phones), and 15 minutes (for toothbrushes and other personal care items).


How Long Does LumiWand™ Take to Work?

Studies have shown that sanitizing wands can kill 100 percent of several types of bacteria commonly found on surfaces after just five seconds, and inactivated 90 percent of especially hardy spore-forming bacteria after 40 seconds.


It says you are donating 10% of your profits to help the people working on the front line. Who are you donating to exactly?

We chose to support a company called POV Evolving. They are a Fine Arts company based out of Los Angeles, CA. During this pandemic, they have chosen to focus their time and effort in providing PPE (personal protective equipment) to nurses, doctors, and anyone else working on the front lines during this pandemic. You can check out their GoFundMe page here: